Friday, August 1, 2014

When Forever Ends by Mariah Kingsley

I think this was an amazing debut novel, I only had a few things that didn't make me want to rate it higher, but I guarantee her next novel will be even better!
I loved how this featured two couples and how their stories enter twined, my stomach dropped, I couldn't put it down.
This truly is what the title says, When Forever Ends, I even have away a few tears. I loved both the main heroine and hero, didn't feel that any drama was over the top, and was written realistically.
My only problems were that I wish it was longer, and allowed for a bit more character development, I felt at the end like some of the story was missing,
The other problem I had that even though it was supposed to be interchanging POVs, sometimes she would have the thoughts of other characters, when it would be titled with a different one, which had me flipping back, a bit confusing at times.
That said for a debut novel, and I am assuming she is yet to have an editor who would have had the author fix these problems, I would recommend this to read.
Look out for Mariah Kingsley , her future stories are sure to pull at your heart and gut!

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