Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Clipped Wings Series by Helena Hunting

Clipped Wings Series by Helena Hunting

Clipped Wings, Inked Armor, and three novellas Cupcakes and Ink, Cracks in the Armor, and Between the Cracks
I absolutely loved Tenley and Hayden, their individual pasts were so unique and tragic.
Beautifully written, a slow build that sticks with you throughout.
This story, I believe, started as Twilight fan fiction, I couldn't tell!
This series shows realistic portrayals of guilt from tragedy, substance abuse and recovery, suffering from chronic pain, stereotyping, PTSD, O.C.D, and police harassment.
The novella, Cupcakes and Ink, was a prequel to Clipped Wings and shows us at that glimpse of the first thoughts and sightings of our heroine and hero, Tenley and Hayden
The novellas, Cracks in the Armor and Between the Cracks, show the budding relationship of side characters, Chris and Sarah, and an outsider's view of Tenley and Hayden. So sweet!
The friendships and family relationships, were heartfelt, and felt true to the characters.
No over the top, eye rolling drama. Must read! Top 10, 2014 read for me! 

Clipped Wings - Amazon

Inked Armor - Amazon

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