Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Not Book Related, Rant.

Okay. So, Anonymous is actually setting up times and places on Thursday, to have a day of rage, all over the country, towards law enforcement. This is NOT okay! Stereotyping is wrong, and this is stereotyping every police officer as racists/abusers of power/unjust killers of minorities. No. Just no. Yes, cops like that do exist, just like white people that can't dance exist, but not ALL white people can't dance, i guarantee that there is an Asian on planet earth that can't drive, or a woman that can't drive. But these are just generalizations that could be applied to any race or sex. We need to rid them completely! We are human and we are all unique. We do not need to be confined to boxes of stereotypes, adhered to different races, sexes, states, jobs, and looks. Anonymous is pressing the issue, for people to look at ALL law enforcement, as what a few are known for. How can this help anything if people are scared to seek help from Police Officers? It can't. People start governing and policing themselves, we have major problems.
For the record, i have rubber necked this whole ordeal. I am a news whore. Although I often talk in person about hot button topics, i rarely post about them online, too much drama with people you really don't know or care about, but this has gotten me so heated! Anonymous is totally standing against everything the protesters are against, stereotyping. The protesters are fighting against the stereotype, that all black men, who leave their homes, are dangerous when confronted. That's stereotype the police officers used to justify the need to beat Rodney King, George Zimmerman used to kill Trayvon Martin, that old guy used to kill the guy who liked loud music at a gas station ( which I, a WHITE WOMAN, do ALL the time. I would never be perceived as threatening ) and countless others throughout time, all over the world.
Anonymous say they want to help Ferguson, then don't engage in what they are trying to stop.
Anonymous - Ferguson Emergency Message: http://youtu.be/znld6EIJOEQ

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