Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Plagiarism Warning!

Plagiarism Warning!!!!!
The book was taken down, and the tour cancelled after I read and reviewed it. Sam Taylor Mullens posted that she was grateful for the indie community supporting her, no one should be supporting her, I read Nunes' book as well, Mullens took almost every word, word for word, from Rachel Nunes and used it as her own. Mullens took down the book, but how could I ever support anything she would write in the future after this?

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Sam Taylor Mullens is 100% a plagiarist.
I am appalled. Last week I was sent an ARC for the new novel The Auction Deal by Sam Taylor Mullens, I read and rated it. Earlier this week I received an email from Author Rachel Nunes stating she had wrote the same book in 1998, I had to investigate. Nunes' book is offered on Amazon for free so I dove right in. She was correct!
It seems Sam Taylor Mullens copied and pasted almost word word from A Bid for Love. Sam Taylor Mullens has removed the book from shelves, but I will be forever weary of anything she writes in the future.

Page 1 of Nunes' novel
And here is the what Mullens tried to pass as her own work. 

And here are the first pages of chapter 2. This one is even more blatant in similarities. 

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