Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Plagiarism Warning!

Plagiarism Warning!!!!!
The book was taken down, and the tour cancelled after I read and reviewed it. Sam Taylor Mullens posted that she was grateful for the indie community supporting her, no one should be supporting her, I read Nunes' book as well, Mullens took almost every word, word for word, from Rachel Nunes and used it as her own. Mullens took down the book, but how could I ever support anything she would write in the future after this?

Support the REAL Author! Rachel Nunes, A Bid for Love, now free on Amazon

Sam Taylor Mullens is 100% a plagiarist.
I am appalled. Last week I was sent an ARC for the new novel The Auction Deal by Sam Taylor Mullens, I read and rated it. Earlier this week I received an email from Author Rachel Nunes stating she had wrote the same book in 1998, I had to investigate. Nunes' book is offered on Amazon for free so I dove right in. She was correct!
It seems Sam Taylor Mullens copied and pasted almost word word from A Bid for Love. Sam Taylor Mullens has removed the book from shelves, but I will be forever weary of anything she writes in the future.

Page 1 of Nunes' novel
And here is the what Mullens tried to pass as her own work. 

And here are the first pages of chapter 2. This one is even more blatant in similarities. 

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  1. If you want to support Rachel Ann Nunes, she needs to get her hands on that ARC so she can verify the plagiarism. Please contact me at if you can help out. Thank you!

    1. Rachel got the arc. I had no clue how to get it off of my kindle app on my galaxy tab.

    2. Pretty simple. In the kindle app, long touch the book and select remove from device. This should delete the local copy. If you got it through amazon, you can remove it all together by hovering over Your account, selecting Manage your content and devices, and selecting the book and clicking the delete button.

    3. I meant like send it to Nunes, lawyer. She already got it from somewhere else. I wasn't sent the ARC directly, I had to add the promoters email address on Amazon under my kindle settings, it was sent directly there. I couldn't find the file on my device to give it to Nunes

  2. Thanks for such an honest post. This is a problem all writers face but hope they never have to deal with. I'm sure Rachel appreciates your support.

  3. You go girl. In high school or college she would get an F. What recourses does the original author have at this point?

  4. Yeah, this was pretty bad! Good luck with it. How did the original ARC reader know about the plagiarism? Had she happened to have read your book? That's incredible. It's nice that it was found so early, and not after it had potentially sold books for years, making you have to sue for the earnings, etc. No matter what happens, keep us posted!

  5. Good for you in standing again plagiarism. Like you, I will never read anything by Sam Taylor Mullens. How can you believe that anything she writes is her story and not stolen from someone else?

  6. Great job standing up for plagiarism. Crazy that this Author thought she could get away with it.

  7. Thank you, Meghen, for standing up for what is right, against, plagiarism, and against people who commit it.

    It is beyond sad and heartbreaking that an author would plagiarize. It is beyond me how Mullens can sleep at night or look at herself in the mirror without well-deserved self-loathing. Stuff like this turns my stomach.

    But when people like you stand up for what is right, for truth, and for honesty, it brings back the hope that is lost at the knowledge of people like Mullens. Thank you for that.

  8. Thanks for sticking up for Rachel. It's a terrible mess dealing with plagiarism, and I hope the best for her as she works through this sticky and time-wasting situation. As an author, it makes me sick to think of the dishonesty some people will stoop to just to make a buck.

  9. Stopping by to show you some support. I was the other blogger harassed in this situation. I applaud you for standing up for what was right!